The Christmas Song Quiz: Coming December 22

Christmas Song Quiz Dec 22 at Mississippi Pizza

So I’m usually kind of a grouchy Grinchy person, but I’m pretty darn excited about this event. Christmas music be busting out all over the place, from stuff you’ve heard a million times to stuff you’ve (maybe) never heard before. Come relax and celebrate with your whole family!

The fine print:

  • Teams of up to 6 people can play. (No team? Come on down and we’ll find you some friendly folks to play with.)
  • $3/person OR $2 + 1 Food Bank donation item/person to play.
  • Cash prizes and other sorts of prizes too!
  • Yes, there is a strong possibility that you (or someone on your team) will get at least one chance to get up on stage and belt out a holiday favorite.
  • Sign up starting at 6:30. Play starts at 7.
  • This is a relatively family-friendly event, especially for Quizissippi. You can bring along your kid, your grandma, your religious cousin, whomever.

More questions? Leave a comment here or e-mail me at Hope to see you there!

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